Ramona M Sommer

August 28th, 1941 to April 5th, 2017

Ramona Mae Sommer, age 76, passed away in her sleep on April 5, 2017 at Marwood Rehab and Nursing Home, Port Huron, Michigan. Staff at Marwood, friends, and family would all agree that she was a very strong willed and stubborn woman. Before Ramona’s illnesses became disabling, she would be spotted in the hallways, standing with a lap belt attached and wheelchair off the ground. When standing was no longer a possibility, Ramona, or as some called her "Mona," enjoyed talking on the phone for hours with family, indulging in sweets, and flirting with the maintenance man. She laughed and smiled, with a glint in her eye that made you feel that she was either laughing with you or at you. In the last couple of weeks, she was unable to speak, uninterested in food, and unmotivated to smile. The time leading to her passing was and will always be a devastating moment in time for so many of us who dearly loved her.

Let us remember her better days, the loving and attentive parent, the gardener, the teacher, and the writer. Ramona raised three children and predominantly lived in Canada. Vancouver Island, where she is called "home" and one of her favorite places to be was at home and in her garden. She enjoyed the outdoors and teaching the odd horticulture course at the college. Ramona had a true gift and passion for writing. She published a book and wrote many articles for the local Newspapers and several Canadian magazines.

As her children aged and started having children of their own, Ramona fell into the grandma role and she was darn good at it too! She would always tell the silliest jokes, make simple yet delicious snacks, and never forgot a birthday. Surely, her children, Rick, Manuel, Corina, and their combined total of 10 grandchildren, all have a touch of greatness thanks to her existence.

In loving memory of my grandma, Ramona Mae Sommer.

Ramona was loved by many and her passing

leaves a huge hole in our hearts

She left us beautiful memories

her love is still our guide

and though we cannot see her

she will be by our side

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