Don Wolverton

December 18th, 1944 to November 16th, 2020

Husband. Father. Grumpa. Great-Grumpa... just a few of the many hats he wore throughout his life; aside from the hundreds of baseball hats he could never part with.

Don left this world peacefully November 16, 2020 after a lengthy battle with chronic health issues, surrounded by those who loved him most. He fought a tough fight this past year or so, right up until the end... anyone who knew him would not have expected anything less.

He was a good and decent man. A bluntly honest, hardworking, stubbornly self-reliant man who expected the same of others. He was employed by Detroit Edison for 40 years and one day. Why that one day extra mattered...nobody knows; but he never left out the one day; so we can’t either. He wore his hard hat with pride as an Electrician Substation Maintenance Journeyman. He was a man of principles and character...and he was quite the character. He could be quite an ornery old cuss...not specifically just when he was old; pretty much his whole life. He had a uniquely snarky sense of humor laced with sarcasm, that he loved to poke fun with. Never missed an opportunity to tease or to get a corny dad jab in. He rubbed some folks the wrong way; but honestly, he didn’t care. He either liked you or he didn’t. You knew if he didn’t. No grey areas with him....things were black or white. If he liked you, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

He was an outdoorsy, rough around the edges, rugged and calloused kinda guy. He was affectionally known as "Mountain Man" to those who loved him...derived from the song "Wolverton Mountain" by Claude King (he could tell you the year) and merely for the fact that he actually looked like Grizzly Adams. He liked being in the woods; hunting and fishing, loved spending all day on his lawn mower. He was an avid skeet shooter and a lifetime member at Pine River Sportsman’s Club. He was a pretty good shot, and placed well in many championships. He was a big fan of old western reruns and movies; also, any black and white war movie...much to his wife’s dismay. He loved crossword puzzles and some would claim he ate the dictionary for breakfast. He had a great memory; he could name any tune, tell you the month and year it was released, the artist or band's name and what the weather was that day. Well, maybe that’s a little exaggerated; but, it sums it up. He was a great Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune opponent as well.

He was a memorable man. You couldn’t forget him...whether you knew him as a genuine, fun- loving, likable bloke he was behind the walls he put up; or as the grouchy, irritable and crotchety SOB that he could be. He was unforgettable. He will be missed immensely and he leaves a trove of memories and Dadisms to last us until forever. He also left us the enormous amount of stuff that he hoarded and refused to part we will continue to have plenty of laughs with him while sifting through all of his crap while we spend the rest of our lives sorting it all out.

He may have preferred to have no obituary, along with requesting no funeral service or memorial....but everyone should know he was here, that he mattered so much to us, and that he was loved beyond measure. He made a lasting impression on all of our hearts and lives. He will be missed...a lot. Sorry, not sorry Dad. You were one of a kind! They broke the mold after you were made.

He was born in December in 1944 to Ronald and Elizabeth Wolverton. Oldest of 6 brothers.

He loved and irritated his wife of 54 years, Marlene; father to and predeceased by his son, Don Douglas Jr. “Donny”; Daddy-O to twin daughters, Rebecca "Becky" Skoken and Lisa Redmond; Grumpa to Brandon (Chelsea) Banovic, Lindsey Banovic, and Matthew Redmond; Great-Grumpa to Jensen Goss; father- in-law to Mark Skoken and Gregg Redmond.

Also survived by his brothers, Robin “Phil”, Barry “Rick”, Stephen “Sandy”, David “Dave” and Robert “Bob”; along with their respective wives, children and families.

Memorial Contributions may be made in his name to Pine River Sportsman Club to help support and promote youth gun safety programs.

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