Tanas M Sihon

March 21st, 1931 to December 7th, 2022

Tanas Michael Sihon lived a wonderful long life of 91 years. A brilliant, kind and generous man, from Monroe, Michigan passed away peacefully on December 7, 2022.

Tanas was born March 21, 1931, in Istanbul, Turkey, to his Greek mother Parthena Sihon and Russian father Misha Sihon.

In Istanbul, Tanas attended English-speaking Robert College Private Boarding School where he excelled in his studies and sports including discus, javelin, shot put, track, Varsity team basketball, and Olympic gymnastics vault, parallel bars, rings, and high bar.

Before leaving Istanbul, Tanas was part of a team in an archeological expedition removing plaster coverings from original Byzantine Mosaics in the Chora Greek Orthodox Church, located in the old part of Constantinople, which had been converted to a Mosque, and was being reconverted into a Historical Church Museum.

In 1955 Tanas moved to the USA from Istanbul, Turkey to attend the University of Michigan. A few years later his parents Parthena and Misha, and two brothers Yura and Kolya joined him.

Tanas graduated from the University of Michigan with a master’s in Mechanical Engineering and worked for GM Detroit Diesel in engine design where he obtained several patents. After retiring from General Motors, he joined Chrysler to work on the Dodge Viper engine until his second retirement.

Tanas enjoyed working outside in his yard, and garden where he grew strawberries, green beans, tomatoes, collard greens, kale, and squash, plus abundant apple, and pear trees.

Tanas loved to dance and listen to music. While growing up Tanas played upright bass and violin. He also enjoyed cooking, and a healthy lifestyle including his favorite foods such as yogurt, bean soups, vegetable stews, stuffed grape leaves, salmon, and fresh baked apple crisp.

Tanas created the blueprint designs and built his home in Monroe, Michigan with the help of his two sons Paul, and Mark where he lived the past forty years until moving to Aspen Grove in October of 2021.

Tanas will be greatly missed and is preceded in death by his mother, Parthena Sihon; father, Misha Sihon; and son Mark Andrew Sihon. Tanas is survived by his son, Paul Alexis Sihon; brother, Yura; and brother, Kolya.

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