I will never forget how you ALL made me feel.

I’ve been struggling for months to find the right words to express my gratitude for everything you and your staff did for me and my family during a most difficult time.  Simply put—there are no words.  Although my husband had been ill for many months, his passing happened much quicker than I expected so no arrangements had been made prior to his death.  The only thing I knew was that he wanted you to handle things (what a relief).  I’d walked through your front  door many times before, but never as a widow.  I hadn’t the first clue about the order of things.  I never worried though—I knew I was in the right place.  From beginning to end, you and your staff were extraordinary.  I will never forget seeing him in the viewing room for the first time—your work literally took my breath away.  It was so important to me that he look as close to “normal” as possible for my children.  The job you did was impeccable.  Even the way you were with the children at the graveside, taking time to explain what was happening, was invaluable.  Thank you for that.  You should be very proud of the work you and your staff do.  I will never forget how you ALL made me feel.  I was able to walk out that front door feeling reassured, content and proud.  I cannot thank you enough for an exceptional job.  Your kindness and decency will never be forgotten.