The Only Utopia Place

Michael Lewis a ten-year-old whose father died suddenly shares a poem he wrote about his understanding of heaven.

by Michael Lewis

What is Heaven?
Heaven is where love is
Heaven is a perfect, precious, place.
Heaven is utopia.

How high is Heaven?
Heaven is loftier than the largest mountain peaks.
Heaven is more altitudinous than the thermosphere.
Heaven is as high as you can imagine.

How wide is heaven?
Heaven is more spacious than the ocean.
Heaven is more enormous and expansive than the Earth.
Heaven is more spacey than the solar system.
Heaven is wider than anything you can imagine.

How does Heaven feel?
Heaven is like Dad’s wonderful, warming, whisper of butterfly
Kisses going on my cheek.

How does Heaven smell?
Heaven is like the scent of Memaw’s chocolate cupcakes with Rainbow sprinkles.
Heaven is like the fragrance of my dad’s deodorant left in the Bathroom drawer.

Who is in Heaven?
Perfect, loving, great souls.
But there is one perfect soul that just entered...
And that soul is the loving, extraordinary, perfect, wonderful, peaceful soul of

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