Teen Grief

How Teens Grieve

Connie Owens, nurse, writer and grief specialist shares ideas for helping teenagers when they have experienced the death of a friend or loved one. These practical tips can help you work together as a family to help your teen travel the grief journey and grow through the process.

Helping Your Grieving Adolescent

Teens very often try to ignore their grief reactions, but grief always wins out. It will surface through appropriate or inappropriate means that may or may not be healthy. Grief also adds to the physical and emotional swings that are already common in adolescence. So, what can you do? From an article adapted from the Grief Letter (Summer 1996) by Sherry Williams White, nurse, writer and grief specialist.

Teen Grief

Sherry Williams White, writer, nurse and grief specialist, met with a group of teenagers to discuss grief and loss. In this article, she shares the answers to questions they had about grief and what they thought would help them cope. She shares ideas they had for creating memorials and coping with the death of a friend or loved one.