Michael R Shier

July 20th, 1945 to June 14th, 2020

After tempting fate too many times, Michael Roy Shier, Sr finally exhausted his nine plus lives on June 14, 2020. Falling out a high tree while trying to escape his childhood home, meeting the underside of a semi while driving in a storm, falling off a ladder fixing the satellite dish, developing an aneurysm the size of a potato, being under a shattered plate glass window with large shards of glass precariously hanging over his head and many other concussions and broken bones could not take this pillar of the community down. His family expected him go out in a blaze of glory. They were a little disappointed.

Born in Los Angeles to the amazing John and M. Louise Shier on July 20, 1945, as the first of six children, Michael began to make his mark on the world. There has been speculation that he was the favorite child, but he vehemently denied this, claiming that one or the other offspring got all the special attention. In fact, all the siblings have been debating this topic for decades. With his devilish smile and quick wit, he was a force that had to be focused. Little League, football, hockey, barrel jumping in Palmer Park were all ways to have an active outlet and keep Michael out of trouble. But, trouble he sought. Nights at The Dome and skipped school days in the pool halls, where he won enough money to buy his high school sweetheart and soon to be wife, Jill Erickson, a large ruby ring, were the norm.

With the extra time in detention, he got to know the nuns at St Stephens High School quite well. One took interest/pity on Michael and the potential that was being wasted and called in a favor from a priest in Dayton, Ohio. This was the springboard to his 25 years in academia, that included Michigan State, Western Michigan and Wayne State University. Many degrees, certificates, published papers and accolades later, Dr. Shier starting practicing orthopedics in Port Huron, Michigan, much to the happiness of his paternal grandmother, who exclaimed that it was about time Michael got a real job at the age of 33.

Medicine was Michael’s true calling. He listened. He was a problem solver. He was innovative. He was a procrastinator. Urban legend has it that most of our local doctors have scribes during exams because Shier never did his dictation. Co-workers and family would take boxes of charts to encourage, even cajole, Doc to complete them before his hospital privileges were suspended. What he lacked in paperwork efficiency, he made up for tenfold with bedside manner, a firm handshake, a good joke and true caring.

Interests (or in some cases, obsessions) outside of his medical practice were another way for Michael to quench his thirst for knowledge. Proficiency wasn’t good enough. He pushed himself to be an expert. These areas included golf, woodworking, guitar playing, poetry writing, aviation, photography and more. He shared these passions by teaching others and making friends, wherever he went.

Michael was fun, smart (some have said genius), generous and loved his family deeply. He is leaving behind three children: daughter, Kristine; sons, Michael and Andrew; son-in-law, Robert; mother of his children, Jill; grandchildren: Kaitlin, Chelsea, Alex, Claudia, Adam, Elise, Grayson and Eli; 6 great grandchildren; Siblings: Nancy, Dianne, Susan, Patricia and John; and many co-workers and friends. Michael was greatly affected by the loss of his parents and specials friends Steve Varga, Bill Kreis and Ron Brickey and his dog, Abby.

We are celebrating the Art and Life of Michael Roy Shier on Tuesday, August 25th, 4-6 pm at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron. Please bring a mask.

You, Michael, were taken a little precipitously from us.

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