Death of a Spouse

When Your Spouse Has Died

No one plans on being widowed and no one knows how to be a widow. It is not a role any of us have planned for our lives. Sherry Williams White, nurse, writer and grief specialist, helps you understand the feelings and emotions of grief for those who are widowed. In addition, you will learn valuable coping strategies for your grief journey.

Moving On

Jeanine Brenner, a United Methodist Church Minister for 20 years, shares her personal story about the struggle with lonliness and the feelings she had while searching for a new life after the death of her husband. In an excerpt from this article, she states: "While it was through pain that we became acquainted, when we were together I laughed easily. I rediscovered joy. I had peace and was beginning to accept my loss. My present life was not what I would have chosen, but it was what it was and it was, good."

Suddenly Single - Making the Shift from "We" to "Me"

A poignant story written by Michael Domingas about the death of his wife and life partner. As a young widower with a young child, Michael shares how the sudden realization that he was no longer married jumped out at him. When he took his wedding vows, he thought it would be forever but that part that says, "till death do us part" had taken over his life and he shares how he survived.

The Gift - My Mother's Day Gift

Eileen Douglas shares this true story about the death of her husband, how she told her daughter about his death. This story will warm your heart as you learn how she handled her own grief, found hope and a renewed spirit as she traveled her grief journey.