I Told God I Was Angry

In the midst of our grief, it is easy to get mad at God. This beautiful poem provides insight on how to give that anger to God so we can be free to live again. The author of this inspiring piece of poetry is unknown.

Author Unknown

I told God I was angry.
I thought He’d be surprised.
I thought I’d kept hostility
Quite cleverly disguised.

I told the Lord I hate Him.
I told Him that I hurt.
I told Him that He isn’t fair.
He’s treated me like dirt.

I told God I was angry.
But I’m the one surprised.
“What I’m the one surprised.
“What I’ve known all along,” He said,
“You’ve finally realized.”

“At last you have admitted
What’s really in your heart.
Dishonesty, not anger,
Was keeping us apart.”

“Even when you hate ME,
I don’t stop loving you.
Before you can receive that love,
You must confess what’s true.”

“In telling Me the anger
You genuinely feel,
It loses power over you,
Permitting you to heal.”

I told God I was sorry
And He’s forgiven me.
The truth that I was angry,
Has finally set me free.

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