When We Cry

A very moving poem about God's presence in our lives when we cry, when we grieve and when we find joy again. Powerful words let you know you are never alone in your pain and suffering and even in your joy and laughter.

by Andy Landis and Dwight Liles


When we cry,

God looks down from heaven.

When we cry,

Angels catch our tears.

They count them one by one,

And cry some of their own.

We are not alone....

When we cry.


When we grieve,

Unseen arms will hold us.

When we grieve,

God whispers our name.

Further down the road,

Healing hearts will know,

Jesus shares our load

When we grieve.


Heaven comes to us when we can’t see,

Reaching tenderly when we’re in need.


When we dream,

Miracles can happen.

When we dream,

Nothing looks the same.

Showered by the light,

We hope with all our might,

Shining through the night

When we dream.


When we smile,

God breaks into laughter.

When we smile,

Bells ring by his throne.

Like ripples in a pond,

The universe responds,

And echoes loud and long

When we laugh.


Grief comes to an end,

And joy will come again,

Cause we are not alone

When we cry.

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