Gail M Monikean

January 12th, 1953 to March 11th, 2021

Gail Monica (Charbonneau) Monikean was born to Gerry and Monica Charbonneau on January 12, 1953 in Flint, Michigan where they lived for the first year of Gail’s life before moving their family to Marysville. Gail, the youngest of the 3 Charbonneau Girls lived in Marysville on Colorado Ave with her family for the duration of her childhood and graduated from Marysville High School in 1971. Throughout the course of her lifetime Gail was involved with a variety of sports, clubs and activities. From cooking and gardening to camping and golfing, she tried it all. She loved rooting on her favorite football team (GO BLUE!) and all the silly smack talk, friendly wagers and shenanigans that went along with it. You can bet she never missed the opportunity to take her riding lawn mower for a spin. However, when asked what her favorite hobby was, she would say that aside from reading it was water sports. She loved to swim, snorkel, canoe, tube, go on waterslides and she was even a synchronized swimmer. You name it if it had to do with the water she loved it all. In fact, before she was even old enough to go to school she decided that she wanted to water ski just like her idol… her “Daddy”. Now anyone who knows Gail knows that when Gail sets her mind to something there is absolutely no stopping her, so of course her father Gerry had no choice but to handcraft a pair of water skis small enough to fit the tiny feet of his little powerhouse and before anyone could believe it, Gail was skiing down the St. Clair River performing in the Independence Day Ski Show as the youngest member ever of the Blue Water Ski Club.

This adventurous determination was a constant theme throughout Gail’s life. She was always ready to try something new and was never afraid of a challenge. Gail was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish her goals, but never was there a time that she was too busy to stop what she was doing to help someone else. In 1974, while still on crutches and in a neck brace from a near fatal car accident, she decided to tag along with her sister Lynn to Detroit to meet the bunch that she had been playing softball with. As she was being introduced to the crazy cast of characters that day, she spotted a young man off to the side working on a car, that she had not met yet. She said that she was intrigued and decided to “hobble over and introduce herself to a pair of jeans hanging out from under that car”. Little did she know when she looked under the hood of that car to catch a glimpse of the man underneath, that the “dark haired fella with stunning blue eyes” looking back up at her would turn out to be the love of her life. She and David were a perfect fit right from the start and were married September 13, 1974 in the backyard of their first home in Detroit. The following year, Gail gave birth to their first little girl, Melissa and with her second little girl, Kelly, following 2 years later. When the girls reached school age, David and Gail moved from Detroit back to Marysville to raise their family in Gail’s childhood home.

Through the years, Gail was endlessly dedicated to her beautiful family and a devoted friend to many, she also traveled, earned her Business Degree from Baker College, volunteered, and held down a job. Gail had been a valued employee at a variety of businesses over her lifetime, including The Village Deli, Mercy Hospital Cafeteria, All Star Vending, United Trucking, American Tourister and Uniglobe Travel Agency. She ultimately retired from her long time position as the bookkeeper for Auto Color and Equipment in 2016 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. At the time of her diagnosis, the doctors estimated she had an 8% chance of living another 3 months; but Gail wasn’t going to accept that fate, so in her true warrior fashion she dug in and fought that beast. Boy oh boy, cancer sure didn’t know what it was up against when it picked the short little red head with a huge fire in her soul, because for the next 5 years she beat it back into submission over and over and made sure she showed it exactly who was running the show!

On March 11, 2021, after enjoying an unseasonably beautiful 70 degree day (one that she most certainly would have deemed the beginning of flip flop season in Michigan), Gail finally decided that she had made her point and was ready for her next adventure. That evening she allowed her incredible energy to leave its earthly form to return to the universe. Heading up her Heavenly welcome party is her father, Gerry; mother, Monica; and her eldest sister, Patricia Anger. As for the rest of us, we are all under her strict instructions to stay behind, hold down the fort and “Take care of each other” while she blazes the trail ahead. She will undoubtedly be forever missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to be blessed by knowing her, especially by her beloved husband of nearly 47 years, David Monikean; two daughters, Melissa and Kelly Monikean; two granddaughters, Gabriella and Marley; sister, Lynn (Randy) Burgett; nephew, Scot; nieces, Colleen and Katie; favorite uncle, Charlie; best friend, Terri; a slew of McKinnons; brothers-in-law, Robin and Rudy; as well as many close friends…. Friends…. FRIENDS!!!!!....

The family is planning a celebration of life to take place this summer once restrictions have been lifted and her dear family from across the Canadian border can attend.

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