Death of a Parent

A Southern Voice

"Maggi" Vaughn, Poet Laureat of Tennessee, shares with the world through her poems and her songs of love of family-especially the love for her mother. Andy Landis, one of Maggi's friends, shares with us a tribute to the relationship Maggi had with her mother. She shares how Maggi cared for her mother while she was dying and how she remembered her after her death through her writing. From a true southern perspective, you can see how important it is to hang on to the memories you share.

When Your Parent has Died

Everyone knows that they will have to bury their parents one day. Knowing this fact and living this reality are two totally different things. You literally become an adult by experiencing the death of a parent and possibly fear losing the child that is inside you. Sherry Williams White, nurse, writer and grief specialist, will help you explore the feelings and reactions that occur when a parent dies. In addition, you will be given effective coping tools for embracing your grief as you become the next generation.

Remembering Our Legacy This Mother's and Father's Day

Mother's Day and Father's Day present for those whose parents have died days of mixed feelings. Feelings that are integrated with sadness and heart tugs of longing to be with them to feelings of praise and adoration for they life they lived. You spend time remembering all they taught you and become surprised sometimes by a smile on you face when you think about the funny things you shared. You might also long for the opportunity to make things different than they were and realize that you can not change the past. Tony Falzano, song writer and grief specialist writes about remembering our parents on those special days inspite of the fact they are not with us physically we can hold on to the legacy they left behind and honor them in how we live our lives.

When I Die

When all seems unfamiliar and lost, a daughter finds an everlasting reminder that her father's love endures forever.

Mother-Daughter Tea

Gwen Eastlake-Decrow shares a story of her grief and the memories she shared with her mother. When she was invited to a Mother-Daughter tea Gwen comes to the realization that she now has neither, but she warms her heart by relishing the memories and having her own cup of tea.