Men and Grief

Men in Pain: Walk Away or Stay?

Bob Baugher is a professor and writer who works with men in grief. In this article, he explains the physical pain that comes with grief and how men can express it. Bob even shares ways to keep arguments from escalating and handling the emotional pain that accompanies grief.


Deb Kosmer, nurse, writer and grief specialist, shares her experience with a special men's only support group. Her poem and the story she writes about this experience is inspiration for men who are grieving. Deb writes: These men are learning the life lessons we all have to learn. Loving someone comes with a price tag, the loss that we feel when they are gone, and that death not only takes a life, it changes ours. In time, if we are willing, their life and their death will become a part of who we are and what we give back to the world.

Fifteen Things Not to Say to a Bereaved Man

Bob Baugher, professor, Ph D, writer and grief specialist works primarily with men who are grieving. He shares the fifteen things you should not say to grieving men and in fact to grieving individuals at large. Not only does Bob share the list, but he teaches us why these things are not helpful.

Do Men Grieve?

Grief is a natural and normal reaction to loss. It is a physical, emotional, spiritual, social and psychological response. But for a man who is grieving, it may not feel natural or normal at all. In fact, men tend to feel lost in their grief because they aren't sure what to do or how they are supposed to feel. Aside from the socialized differences between men and women, physiologically, there are differences too. You may find great relief from gathering information about grief. Many men cope by understanding just what has happened and what they can expect to happen. Understanding the process of grief is a way you can take care of yourself and your family. Through information and knowledge you can gain a sense of control and through control, you can develop a sense of hope.